Övernitiskt kontrakt

Var och rotade i memorabiliamappen i annat ärende och hittade detta slavkontrakt, utformat för en person jag dejtade i början på 10-talet. Då hade man minsann ork att sitta och fundera ut sånt här i detalj, alltså.

X shall:

  1. devote himself fully to the desires of S, in both mind and body, and obey her wishes.
  2. answer any question that is posed to him to the best of his ability, with clarity and honesty.
  3. strive to maintain his general health in order to serve S efficiently.
  4. inform Mistress of any unintended physical discomfort he might notice during service.
  5. maintain cleanliness and remove his pubic hair upon entering chastity and when requested.
  6. not orgasm without S allowing him to do so in the manner that she expresses.
  7. lock himself up in a chastity belt when S desires it.
  8. submit to any training or training methods that Mistress wishes to use to improve him.
  9. be available to S around the clock, with exceptions being discussed beforehand.
  10. acknowledge that he has no safeword to unconditionally stop any action.
  11. be furnished with an ankle chain by Mistress, a ”vanilla collar”, to be worn at all times.
  12. inform S about any recurring conversational partners within a D/s context.
  13. submit to body modifications of the piercing type if Mistress desires it in the future.
  14. not make appearance-altering choices without consulting Mistress first.
  15. wear whatever clothes or lack of clothes that S sees fit.
  16. acknowledge that he can be corrected through pinching, slapping, hair pulling and spanking.
  17. acknowledge that he can be corrected through belt whipping and caning for severe offences.
  18. acknowledge that he can be disowned in the case of irreparable breach of trust.
  19. make his body available to Mistress whenever and however she wishes.
  20. make his body available to other women of Mistress’ choosing when requested.
  21. sleep at the foot of the bed by default.
  22. clean and maintain all the tools and toys that S employs.
  23. accompany S to fetish events from time to time and renounce the right to move freely while doing so.
  24. wear a collar while in the presence of Mistress in a private setting or fetish event.
  25. always say goodnight to S before going offline to sleep, no matter how long the conversation has been inactive.
  26. be granted insight into the fantasies of S in written form occasionally, so that he may learn from them.
  27. if in chastity, ask for permission to remove the chastity belt upon leaving the house.
  28. report a breach of any guideline on his part immediately.

Såhär i efterhand känns det rätt främmande med denna sorts högprotokollgrejor. Det var dock första personen jag träffade på som var ordentligt insyltad i den här världen från förr, det var liksom inte jag som kom dragandes med femdom-grejen denna gång, och vi var väl båda rätt överentusiastiska. Jag var 22 och han 23.

Efter sisådär fyra år var sagan all, och jag bad om att få tillbaks fotlänken. Den ”försvann i posten”. Fick aldrig någon klarhet i huruvida det var en nödlögn eller inte.


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